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October 2011
Hi Todd,

You may be used to the idea that a low employee turnover means a successful organization. That may definitely be the case, but low employee turnover can also be indicative of other factors...not all of which are good.

Which employee turnover factors are impacting your business, and what can you do to improve your organization? Learn more in this month's Innovations.

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Alisa Torlai
PrideStaff - Modesto
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A Low Turnover Rate Could Mean That You Have Ugly* Employees
Becoming a People Whisperer
Many organizations strive for low turnover, but it doesn't always bode well for your business. In this month's Innovative Idea, we'll examine the positive and negative implications of low turnover, and how they can impact your business.

*Note the word "ugly" has nothing to do with physical appearance, only relative labor market value to external recruiters!

Can You Trust This Person?
Generation Z: The Future Employee
Do the candidates you're interviewing have integrity? Properly gauging integrity during the recruiting process can save you down the line. Here are several ways to accurately gauge candidate integrity, and protect your business from potential liability and loss.
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