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April 2010

Hi Todd,

In a typical conversation, there can be many different messages:
  • What you mean to say...
  • What you actually say...
  • What the other person hears...
  • What the other person thinks he hears...
  • What the other person says...
  • What you think the other person says...
It's no wonder why communication problems exist at every level and in every organization!

That's why this issue of Innovations is dedicated to communication. You will find great advice to help you become a more effective communicator and get better results from your team.

I hope you enjoy these articles!

Best regards,

Katelyn Padilla
PrideStaff - Modesto

Be Aware of Your Non-Verbal Cues
Did you know that verbal communication makes up only 7% of a total message during a personal conversation? That means that 93% percent of the meaning we convey to others comes from things beyond the words we use.

In most companies, corporate communication could be better labeled, "corporate miscommunication!" From formal written documents to casual conversations, conflicting messages lead to employee discontent--or even legal liability!

In this quick read, you'll find four ways you can close the gap between what is said and what is actually experienced.


Become a CLO (Chief Listening Officer)
In a recent article in Forbes Magazine, John Ryan wrote: "We need to be the chief listening officers in our organizations--every day." With so many things (i.e. Blackberries, meetings, emails) competing for our attention, we often don't take the time to stop and really listen to what our employees and colleagues are telling us.

In this article, you'll discover six simple things you can do to become a better listener.

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