Are You Offering What Candidates Are Looking For?


Are You Offering What Candidates Are Looking For?


Are You Offering What Candidates Are Looking For?

The job market is extremely competitive with no signs of slowing, which means employers need to ratchet up their recruiting process to land the best people. Knowing how to source talent and how to create a positive candidate experience are crucial for success, but they mean nothing if a candidate ultimately turns down your job offer. If you are not offering what candidates are looking for, you could lose the war for talent. According to a recent talent attraction study, candidates at nearly all levels are looking for three important factors.

Competitive Compensation Plans

Despite what you may have heard, candidates still say that compensation is their number one consideration. Talented people want to earn more than they do today, and recent grads are often strapped with crippling student loan debt. Over 75% of candidates say pay would most attract them to a new job, and 13% said they have turned down offers that did not offer competitive pay rates.

The fact is, talented people know what they are worth and they will not accept a step backward in pay. They understand that if they hold out and keep looking, the right package will come their way. Offering pay rates that are below local market levels will lessen your chances of landing the best and the brightest.

Convenient Location

Candidates do consider location when weighing a job offer. Long, frustrating commutes directly impact employee satisfaction, and many people are unwilling to relocate. Just over 50% of candidates say a job at a great location would attract them while 7% said they have turned down an offer because it was in a less-than-ideal location.

One way around this challenge is remote work. Opening jobs up to remote workers allows you to draw from a national talent pool rather than a local pool and eliminates a nasty commute or the expense and stress of relocation. For jobs that are in less-than-ideal locations but cannot be opened to remote work, employers should consider beefing up compensation or sweetening the benefits pot to attract more candidates.

Strong Work-Life Balance

With each passing year, work-life balance becomes a higher priority for job seekers. Today, people want to be able to drop their kids off at school or attend their assemblies and sporting events. Many people are also caring for aging and ailing parents. They don't want to be torn between work and home, and thanks to internet mobility, they know they don't have to be. Over 50% of employees are attracted to jobs that offer schedule flexibility.

It is extremely important to strategize ways to offer more flexibility, whether in scheduling or remote work opportunities, if you want to attract and land your ideal candidates.

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